Alembika was founded in 2005 by two women, fashion designer Hagar Alembik, a graduate of the Shenkar School of Design, and Judith Fadlon PhD, an anthropologist. The brand designs and manufactures exclusive, high fashion Israeli clothing offering a selection for all sizes and shapes. Alembika believes that women’s fashion should make you feel comfortable with your body, not the body you’re working on, fantasizing about, or wish to have but the one you have right now.

Alembika (17)

Alembika Solid Tank


Alembika Speckled Tank


Alembika Cropped Applique Tee


Alembika Cotton Tunic with Peekabo Pocket


Alembika Cotton Tank


Alembika Spotted Tank


Alembika Stretch Print Denim Pant


Alembika Pocket sweater


Alembika Swing Tunic


Alembika Chevron Swing Jacket


Alembika Top with Large Dot Panel


Alembika Graphic Tunic