Jewelry (263)

Aasha Leaf Pendant Necklace


Sylca Black and Red Noa Necklace


Sylca Round Confetti Statement Necklace


Tiger Mountain Swimming Turtle Stud Earrings


Tiger Mountain Moose Earring


Diana's Casuals Blue Honeycomb Earrings


Belart - Tagua Gold Slice Single Strand Flow Necklace


Belart - Tagua Gold-Silver Fragments 5 Knots Necklace


Belart - Poly-Resin Round Mosaic Stud Earrings - Small


Belart Poly Resin Short Snake Adjustable Mosaic Necklace


Belart Up-Cycled Horn Disk Single Palito Necklace


Sevya Handmade - Hammered Golden Hoop Earrings