Belart, a Fair Trade certified company, created by Tulianna and Alejandra Garcés, is a socially conscious jewelry line that provides sustainable employment to internally displaced communities located in post-conflict regions in Colombia.

Belart (9)

Belart - Tagua Gold Slice Single Strand Flow Necklace


Belart - Tagua Gold-Silver Fragments 5 Knots Necklace


Belart - Poly-Resin Round Mosaic Stud Earrings - Small


Belart Poly Resin Short Snake Adjustable Mosaic Necklace


Belart Up-Cycled Horn Disk Single Palito Necklace


Belart Up-Cycled Horn Single Strand Palito Stick Necklace


Belart Tagua 3-Ojete Suba Necklace


Belart Up-Cycled Irregular Horn Bangle


Belart Up-Cycled Short Trapezoid Horn Necklace